At Maxvega Networks, we work with our clients to engineer the networked world. Our workspace involves designing for better data connectivity, building innovative systems, optimising network performance, traffic shaping and ensuring end-to-end quality of service, solutions for bandwidth savings, enhancing data security, automated management of network systems and high availability system designs.

Our team has broad experience in designing, developing and sustaining network systems ranging from embedded to multi-card chassis systems. We develop our customers' visions and ideas into products, with cost and time efficiency. We provide end to end solution, from requirement gathering to deploying a successful product and its maintenance.

In the rapidly evolving network and telecom industry, where multi-protocol, multi-vendor environment is the norm, application and protocol integration to an existing software ecosystem is indispensable. We are competent in integrating third-party stacks and open source stacks on to legacy systems and ensuring its network acceptance. We specialise in porting and migration of applications and protocol stacks across different platforms and architectures.

Sustaining a software product is complicated, which includes release management, debugging, performance engineering and supporting customers. We understand this scenario and is committed on delivering timely resolutions for field reported issues. We constantly try to add value to our customers by conducting rigorous network and system analysis to identify the areas for improvement.

We also engage in consultancy services including feasibility study on proposals and expert counsel on system design. Our primary focus area is embedded systems in networking domain and technologies in IP and ATM domain, security protocols including IPsec-IKE, SSH-SSL, B-RAS communication gateways and DSLAM multiplexers.