Data Communication

Our technical expertise spans across the breadth of data communication domain. From Ethernet to ATM technologies, TCP/IP suite of protocols, IPv6 protocols, routing protocols, application protocols, DSLAM multiplexers and B-RAS communication gateways.

Integration of Protocol Stacks

In the rapidly evolving network and telecom industry, where multi-protocol, multi-vendor environment is the norm, application and protocol integration to an existing software ecosystem is indispensable. We specialise in integrating third-party stacks and open source stacks on to legacy systems and ensuring its network acceptance.


Network Systems Design and Remote Management

We offer our expertise in system design and management to our clients, ranging from network processors through embedded systems to multi-card chassis systems. Be it remote management of network devices like set-top boxes, CPEs, servers or maintaining high availabilty fail safe systems, we help our clients in designing and maintaining the suite of software.

Testing, Automation and Benchmarking

We offer comprehensive end-to-end testing solutions for network devices under different topologies, including automated regression test suites. We also engage in benchmarking network devices and identify areas of improvement in terms of performance, throughput and stability.


Traffic Shaping, QoS and Security

We help our customers shape their network data in terms of size, rate, and delay resulting in better data flow and overall bandwidth savings. We are also involved in ensuring end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) of the data and preserving the integrity and security of the data using security protocols (IPsec, SSH, SSL).

Data Centre Technologies

We are actively engaged in datacentre technologies like software defined networking, of which one of the major application is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our engineers are involved in OpenStack development, the open source solution to manage datacentres and build clouds.